Unofficial MLTI History...

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Subject: [ACTEMlist] MLTI History
Can someone who has been with the program from the beginning confirm a timeline of the history of MLTI? I put what I think is the timeline down below. Thanks.

  • Winter 2002 ‑ Nine middle schools become Exploration Sites to pilot the
  • program
  • Fall 2002 ‑ 7th Grade students get Apple G3 iBooks
  • Fall 2003 ‑ 7th Grade takes their laptops to 8th Grade ‑ new Apple G3 iBooks for 7th Grade
  • Fall 2004 ‑ 31 high schools opt in to MLTI (iBook G4) at their own expense* (Hank Read <
  • Fall 2006 ‑ MLTI II ‑ new Apple G4 iBooks purchased for 7th and 8th grades
  • Fall 2007 ‑ High School teachers get MacBooks
  • Spring 2009 DOE proposes HS laptop expansion to all high school students
  • Spring 2009 DOE threatens to take teacher laptops away from any schools that do not opt in on HS expansion
  • Spring 2009 DOE changes its mind and says that HS teachers will be able to keep laptops regardless of HS expansion decision by district

*... here is the list of those schools:

Camden Hills High School
Caribou High School
Carrabec High School
Dirigo High School
East Grand
Easton Jr‑Sr High School
Edward Little High School
Falmouth High School
Forest Hills Consolidated
Gardiner High School
Georges Valley
Greenville High School