I would like to support Sharon's statement about opensource learning and online professional development and support.
Sharon and I are involved in two life changing groups Webheads In Action (http://wiac.org) and edtechtalk.com
We both have taken a webcasting online course, all opensource professional development and support. I even taught the webcasting course 2 years ago.
This type of online learning and support is a model for something that would work in our state. How do we know? Because it works across the globe, time zones and date lines.
Good luck on Friday, and I will be looking forward to the continuing conversations.

I wanted to support Mark's comments about resources and solutions beyond Maine, especially MACUL, a fantastic group with a great journal. Check out this issue they handed out at NECC last June: http://www.macul.org/page.php?pid=219 Michigan also has a service center with many, many years experience in videoconferencing, etc., and the director's blog is the best one I've seen: http://vcoutonalim.org/ As we implement all the RUS sites, those resources will be life savers. Joe Makley

Collaboration with http://open1to1.org/