1005ha-v.JPGASUS 1005HA-V selected
Vendor awarded - NSI of Gorham, ME

Who can order
- Any consortium member, any non-consortium member and any school district in Maine and New England
- Parents, students and teachers in the school district

Order Schedule

For XP Home:

You may order up to six XP Home edition machines for immediate (two week) delivery to begin work on your disk image and deployment details.

You may place your full order (on a different PO than your order for six!) starting as soon as today. Delivery looks good in the quantities anticipated. Please make sure your shipping address can accept tractor-trailer delivery.

For Linux:

First order will be collated by Kevin on Monday July 6. Have your order in by noon on July 6. First round will be delivered by August 3rd with delivery to school within the week. No date established for second round, but could be two weeks.

Order Process

Kevin Rheaume (pronounced "ray-ohm") at NSI has created an order sheet which is posted below. The order sheet spells out all the options and all you will have to do is fill in quantities. You can then email or fax this to Kevin, along with a purchase order.

Parents/students and teachers may order individually at these prices. The question the consortium has to decide is how we can best help Kevin
certify that a person ordering is really attached to one of our districts. One thought might be to have Kevin send the district the name and phone
number of each person ordering for us to confirm. We would have to give him a contact person for this. Please send a better certification idea if
you have it! Once certified, he would process the order and ship to a New England home address. Parents/teachers/students will pay shipping!

Order Sheets (please check here for the newest pricing sheet just before you order)

This version, posted 10/6/2009, includes several new options plus the fact that ASUS requires that the ADW and XWarranties be purchased together.

Here is the order sheet for parents/students/staff. Posted 10/6/2009. Adds several options.

Also see this flier from Targus. NSI will be happy to accept your order for any items here.

Address orders to:
Kevin Rheaume
16 Sanford Dr
Gorham, ME 04038
email: kevinr@nsiserv.com
fax: 203 723-8092
phone: 800 634-8633 x402

Shipping is included.


(you will find these and more on the attached order sheet)
The basic device is the Asus 1005HA-V
- XP Home - $309.49
- Linux - $289.49

This includes shipping, 1 year warranty on device, including battery.

2 year extended warranty $149.00 (including battery)

Imaging $100 set-up per image plus $10 each

Accidental Damage Coverage, 3 years $65.00

Belkin bag F8N086-MDM $30
(other bags being researched)

Color: Crystal Black, Pearl White, or royal Blue

Asset information: Kevin can capture serial numbers as the units are shipped and hs is working on capturing MAC address data as well. Kevin says he hates deadlines and will be as flexible as possible.

If you have any questions or special circumstances, please feel free to contact Kevin.