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USM 2009 release MLTI study

Good NYT article on netbooks

David Pogue on netbook...

Recommended by Dave Cormier, EdTechTalk
Dave is a professor at Charlottetown University PEI
He has a lot of information on this site - quite interesting.
I believe this is a Texas school.

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Great article on netbooks


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Lenovo: GovConnection (NH)
I have a lenovo in front of me as I type... I got it from Gov connection as a demo for 30 days.? I like the feel and style - but it hasn't booted yet. Joan Wright

Joe Spinazola <> on Thursday, April 09, 2009 at 10:11 AM -0400 wrote:
I've had one for two days now.? A nice machine but smaller keyboard.? Runs well, I like it except.......It's no where near as durable as the Acer that I have.? I just don't think they will hold up.

I saw one yesterday and from a visual - agree. I think either the ACER or the ASUS are more durable. Interested to see what the students think.

with 3 yr warranty (this was an estimate for model 1000HE)
I have the eeePc and am very impressed with what it can do. Its not a speed demon but I think its as capable as an older G4. I would say its possible to do basic multimedia tasks.....create and upload and view. Michael Hart

I can used the following programs without freezing or delays:
Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2008 (this was a very nice surprise)GIMP
BLENDER 3D (another HUGE surprise) - from HS graphics arts instructor

when I spoke with the ASUS rep this week, he said we would have a dedicated service rep with direct contact. Repairs would also be completed through NSI - they may even pick up and return.

We at SAD 17 (Oxford Hills) like the Acer AspireOne, but we've found a number of issues. We loaded Ubuntu on it and found that wireless connectivity is iffy, and when it is connected, it is weak. FirstClass client has many bugs (can't drag files to attach to a mesage, can't drag messages to folder in mailbox, more). The keyboard is tight but workable. Then we tried out the Asus eeePC and the keyboard is so much more roomy and the trackpad so much bigger and more responsive (maybe it was the Windows OS that helped the trackpad). The Acer feels more sturdy with the exception of the hiings, which seem more rugged on the Asus. - Mike Dunn 4/10/2009 (

The wondering part of me would like to know if it is possible ... whenever and whatever the decision is made if - since I have my own laptop ... that if MSAD52 goes with their own 1:1 plan ... if instead of getting another laptop ... if I could request a netbook like the students instead?
I'm in love!! At first, I thought it would be very difficult to type on the HPmini - but it is easier than typing on the MacBook!! Not to mention it's feels the same as my own laptop...I wonder if that is because they are both HPs? The only real adjustment I had to make was rather positive - it's so small and light I found it hard to balance on my lap because I don't feel it!! I thought the screen would drive me nuts - it doesn't!!!
So if it is possible to request - I'd rather get a netbook if I can have a choice. =) Teacher at Leavitt HS