Criteria for Netbook proposals - DRAFT

Minimum Requirements


No minimum purchase per district
Possibility of student / parent purchases at same price?
What about network infrastructure?

Acer Aspire One D150 or ASUS HE1000 eee or Dell Latitude 2000* as minimum requirements

Option 1
Option 2 - similar specs
Intel Atom 1.6GHz or better

plug and play projection


Hard Drive
160 GB preferred, solid state considered

1GB 533Mhz

OS options
No OS, bootable LINUX, XP home,
XP Pro OS upgrade to Windows 7
10/100 ethernet

Bluetooth option
standard 1
possible: (damage protection)
(battery protection or capped price)
Power supply
year 3 year
6 cell extended, minimum of 6 hours under normal school conditions, 50% of original capacity, needs to be replaced

10 inch 1024X600

mic, speaker, camera

VGA; 3 USB 2.0; Audio


Delivery window
Please state guaranteed time of delivery

Service Repair
  • Depot style (mail-in OK with 5 day turn around time,including shipping (both ways) and packaging
  • Dedicated 2nd tier contact and support, prefer primary contact
  • Battery replacement included in warranty
  • Asset management - (a list of each device, its serial number,
    wired MAC address and wireless MAC address at a min.)
  • Screen replacement (dead pixel count policy)
  • Damage protection option
  • anti-theft
Vendors interested in proposing leasing options may include them in their bids

Purchasing window
July 1, 2009 through October 30, 2009


customer image assistance
Other: Release bid as soon as possible but by June 1, 2009, two week timeline, midnight EDT, June 14, 2009, send bid to Mike Dunn.
Get information to Aroostook Group.
Meet June 15, 2009, 9 am,
Bring evaluation of bid forms

Bios protection
Dead pixel policy
Questions to ask about deployment (from the Commissioner)

As promised during our recent conference call, here is a list of questions you should have answers to before entering into any one-to-one computing program:

  • What is your 4 year budget for the project?

  • What software tools does the solution include?
  • Does the solution provide software upgrades and updates?
  • Does the solution provide professional development for teachers, administrators, and technology staff?
  • Does the solution provide battery protection or replacements?
  • Does the solution provide replacement devices for accidentally broken, lost, or stolen devices?
  • Does the solution include a repair of defective devices (warranty repairs)?
  • Does the solution provide a toll free help desk for all users to receive supports?
  • Does the solution provide loaner devices for students and teachers while a repair is being completed?
  • Does the solution include a wireless network designed to support a 1:1 environment? Network Support?
  • Does the solution include a software image designed to support a 1:1 environment?
  • Will devices ship pre-loaded with software and configured?
  • Does the solution include a carrying case?
  • Does the solution include asset management and project management? Vendor relations? Who provides this?
  • Does the solution provide accessibility features?
  • Does the solution include dial up modem access for home connectivity?