what applications are desired to support these goals?

Educational Uses / Necessary Functionality

Creativity and Innovation

desktop/web publishing - Scribus
video creation - Kino
image manipulation - GIMP, Picasa, IrfanView, Inkscape, Blender
Office Suite - OpenOffice
Music Composition - Ardour
web 2.0 applications

Communication and Collaboration

email - Thunderbird

Research and Information Fluency


Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making


Digital Citizenship

Screen monitoring package

Technology Operations and Concepts

1. It can do web streaming...hulu....flash....youtube.
2. Most netbooks have speakers + a internal mic. So you could so simple podcasting with it. Audacity does run on it.
3. Video? It does have MovieMaker on it and I have used my "Flipcam" with it. Didn't do a full test with MovieMaker. It took the video.
4. Runs Google Docs, Moodle, etc fine.
5. Webcam.......haven't actually used it. Assuming I could find a software package that would allow it to film short clips.
6. Does play video games. I loaded a couple of games on mine and it runs fine. M. Hart

I thought this StudyWiz explanation from Jeff Mao was helpful:

I guess the question for you is, what are you looking to be able to do in your online system...? The toolsets available in moodle and Studywiz are different in some aspects and very much the same in others...depending on which parts you tend to find most useful and important, you can decide which tool works best for you.

For us, we envision having a system that supports both online and blended coursework. We also see great value in having a single system for all schools to facilitate cross- school collaboration. For example, for your teachers in your moodle system to interact and share those toolsets provided by moodle with teachers from another district, you would need to invite those teachers to create a login in your moodle system. That's not hard, and there are no licensing issues...but, then if that school also wants to do work with yet another school that you have no interest in working with, then you can see that gets harder. It would mean more login accounts, more places for those teachers, another server, etc.

Studywiz supports grouping down to a single student and up to every teacher and student on the system. If all schools participated, then with the same login, schools could work across their buildings, across regions and the entire state. One server, one login, one common toolset. It falls in line with the rest of the 1:1 common toolset model. Jeff