An avenue that we are pursuing is desktop virtualization. Specifically we are looking at Ncomputing
I've talked to a number of large school customers 4000+ deployed in a Georgia school system and many many others around the country. It is like term services but more efficient and with less overhead. Also the cost is much lower. I've got pilot going at the school now. There is no OS, no fans, no disks, smallest power usage,,,very small failure rate so 1x1 swaps etc are not an issue,, etc,,,$13o or less/unit (base unit no usb capability). We have a large thin client base here now and I was looking at a possible expansion of that base by going the Virtual Desktop route. Check it out
Ed Bourdeau

I am also investigating the possibility of cloud computing through NX computing. I have seen it in action on a netbook (impressive overall) and am working to setup a demo:
MAY 14, 2009 at 10 am MSAD#52 Central Office.
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Thin clients keep coming around again and again over the years. The one interesting solution I've seen work is a Linux based solution from Resara ( You can deploy some really cool solutions with their product. I saw them demonstrate at FOSSED a couple of years ago and it worked really slick. Don't let the Linux tag fool you either, because they can do Windows integration as well. Check them out.

In Sanford I am running a resara lab for the alternative high school. It is a complete solution for the general purpose lab. I am using 1998 compaqs with 500 mhz celeron processors and 128 Mb ram. No issues at all but if I need help, the resara support is only a phone call or a live support click away. I have had several visitors and welcome anyone who would like to see it in action. Joan