external image clip_art_adults.gif First Face-to-Face Meeting

Joe Makley, Host


9 AM - Coffee and greeting
9:30 - completion worksession on netbook alternatives
Lunch - order out or all just take off for lunch. Culinary temptations include Susan's award-winning fish and chips dive; take out options include an Amatos. Sala Thai is right there too. (RSVP)


PATHS, CBHS building 196 Allen Ave, Portland, ME
CTS training area, third floor office complex. (Near Washington Ave, NorthGate Shaws, very easy from the Turnpike.)


  • Examine and discuss available demo Netbooks
  • Develop draft bidding criteria
  • Compose announcement for list publication (ActemList, MSLN, etc)
  • Set next meeting date and location (if necessary)

Donut Count donut.jpg

Who's coming, and will they have a netbook?
  • Oxford Hills (2) Acer
  • SAD#35 (2?) Acer, MSI, Lenovo
  • SAD#56
  • Bucksport (Super will attend.) >Lenovo, Acer
  • SAD 52 (MSI, ASUS, HP, Lenovo)
  • Sanford, Asus, Lenovo
  • Gorham
  • Portland, Acer
Next meeting:
Wednesday May 13th finalize bid criteria get bid commitments,